Self Portrait

Within every piece we make as artists a little bit of ourselves go into it as well, sometimes fully, other times barely at all.  I wanted to make a piece that had the most of me in it.  I collected objects mostly from my room back in New Jersey and some from my new place in Philly.  Each one has a specific event or memory tied to it that holds a place of significance for me and to my life.  Organized in a way from the most superficial, face value I could think of as the top drawer, to the deeply personal that must be pried and broken out because it sits bellow the surface as the last.  

From a young age I was always fascinated by bones and animal remains.  Walking home from school one day I found this tiny pile of bones next to a tree across from the elementary school.  I picked them up, thinking how neat they were.  Prior to this I had only encountered groundhog jaw bones.

I never played marbles, nor do I remember where I got them, I just remember that I had them.  As a child, and still today, there are some things I rather enjoyed taking quite literally.  The saying "don't lose your marbles" was one of those.  I collected all that I had and closed them off in a jar to forever live on my shelf, so that my marbles could never be lost, I'd always know where they were.  When I brought a small bunch of them to school with me to create this project, I lost the first one somewhere in the wood shop, which I felt was fitting.

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